Las Vegas casinos

Will countries that have casinos become legends?

Do you know which countries have casinos? Probably not. The USA, one of the countries with the longest tradition of casinos.

When we think of casinos, we immediately think of the city of Las Vegas in the United States. The giant of North America is one of the countries that have the longest tradition of casinos. And, in fact, it is the country with the largest number of casinos in the world. On the famous Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, the most luxurious and powerful casinos in the world are located, such as the Bellagio, the Wynn, and the Venetian.

However, the country’s gambling world goes far beyond the city in Nevada:

  • Atlantic City. The second largest casino city in the United States is Atlantic City, New Jersey. However, more than just gambling in the city’s famous and excellent casinos, it is possible to get to know the local culture, including the wonderful sea tours.
  • New Orleans. New Orleans is one of the most culturally rich cities in the American country, known as the cradle of jazz. The nightlife here is very famous. However, not everyone knows that a good part of this fame came because of the impressive casinos housed there.

Other countries that have casinos

Although it is a country where it is easy to find a place to gamble, the United States is not alone in this market. Check out some cities famous for their gambling, part of the various countries that have casinos to this day. Despite the current circumstances, they continue to symbolize the human being’s ability to create entertainment.

  • Monte Carlo, France. Surely you must have heard of Monte Carlo? Haven’t you? The district located in the principality of Monaco is one of the most visited by tourists to the country. There is a casino there built in the first half of the last century and preserves its appearance since the 80’s, showing a very rustic and elegant look.
  • Macau, China. In fact, many people don’t know, but the biggest gambling pole in the world is Macau and not Las Vegas. In terms of revenues, Macau is more than twice as big as the American city. But after all, what is Macau? It is an independent city of China. Until 1999 it was a colony of Portugal. The city is really a paradise for gamblers. Many famous people visit the place.

Gambling and casinos are legal in all of Argentina. However, a law prohibited gambling exclusively in Buenos Aires. However, they found a creative solution to make one of the best casinos in South America. They have a casino operating on two four-story boats floating on the Rio de la Plata. There are more than 5,000 slot machines.

  • Lima, Peru. Another capital very famous for its casinos is Lima, Peru. The city is one of the most visited by tourists in the world, and most of them go to the Miraflores neighbourhood, where the casinos are located. In fact, Atlantic City is one of the main spots and is even a partial host of the largest poker tournament in Latin America.

To conclude

What is the similarity between all these countries that have casinos? First, they have very strong tourism. So the casinos are directly linked to a good reputation of the country in tourism. In fact, they offer much more than just gambling. In fact, these establishments host important events, have restaurants, shows, and various other forms of entertainment.