The Library Restaurant Casino

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The Library Restaurant Casino is a new land-based casino in Ontario, Canada.

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It represents our passionate belief in the future of gambling, which is why we decided to open this entertainment center for you.

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Looking for a thrill? The Library Casino Restaurant is a unique place for gaming, recreation, entertainment and nightlife.

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The rich history of libraries inspired the design and materials – stacks of books combined with columns create a sense of architectural drama – from the entrances to the entire main gaming room.

We offer a wide range of gambling options, including over 100 slot machines, a poker room and Bingo. All of these games will be available to you in the near future when we open our casino, located near Toronto and Mississauga in Burlington.

Along with the casino, our full-service restaurant is also opening. Our Mediterranean-inspired cuisine is sure to make your dining experience unforgettable. This is the place to gamble, spend an evening in good company and relax.

We will give you a place of beauty, sophistication and comfort, with a sense of respect for history (Early French and English style) and at the same time a spirit of modern elegance and excitement.

Our modern casino design
Luxurious interior of our casino